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West Virginia South District leadership is revisioning how we prepare for ordination! The WVS Center for Ministry Formation is the new provider for the Course of Study approved by the Church of the Nazarene. We thank Rev. Charles (Sonny) Williams for his tireless leadership and work over the last several years equipping many ordinands for ministry!

A New Vision for Ministry Preparation!

​​”He cared for them with a true heart and led them with skillful hands.”
Psalms 78:72

The WVS Center for Ministry Formation will…

  • Be taught by qualified Elders who are passionate about equipping candidates for ministry in West Virginia!
  • Be hosted at a variety of churches across the district!
  • Usually the class will be hosted by the instructor’s church.
  • Offer several courses each year
  • Continue to emphasize the fellowship and encouragement of shared face to face learning!
  • Be led by Rev. Dr. Scott Buell, pastor at Winfield Nazarene as the new Director.

With the new vision comes some changes in how the classes are offered:

  • There is $50 per class fee (starting in September, the class fee will increase to $75). This enables the Center to offer a stipend to the instructors and insure the long-term effectiveness of the Center. A letter has been sent to each church our students attend, alerting them to this change and offering them the opportunity to provide a scholarship for their student(s).
  • At least 1 textbook will be required reading for each course. A few courses of primary interest for Nazarene ministry will require 2 textbooks.
  • Each class will require a written book report on the text and a final written assignment appropriate for the subject matter. (Don’t stress over this!)
  • Each student is required to register PRIOR to the class. See the registration form in the district book, on the Center’s table, on the district website, or ask Scott Buell to send it to you.
  • The WVS District Board of Ministry has oversight of the Center.

Below are links to the registration form and syllabi that you will need for the courses. Each student must complete the online registration and print the syllabi for the courses they are enrolled in.

Have questions? Contact Scott Buell, Director of the Center, by emailing [email protected], or calling (419) 565-1820.

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Events

District Men’s Breakfast

August 17 at 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Our Churches

With 50+ churches on our district, we have a church home for everyone, no matter where in Southern West Virginia you live.

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